Carpeting Britain’s Most Expensive Home

If you’re obsessed with luxury decor, perhaps you caught Channel 4’s recent magnificent show? Following billionaire and business mogul, John Caudwell at his palatial new home, the show offered an insight into what a £65million refurbishment looks like. Based in the heart of Mayfair, we saw John and his team as they navigated the project through some very crucial stages.

Custom faux silk carpets

Commissioned by the amazing Arista Interiors, our mission was to supply and install handmade flooring in custom designs and colours. At a substantial 43,000 sq ft with 110 rooms in total, this was our biggest residential project to date. Our flooring team was headed up by Steven Foster, company director, who has a keen eye for immaculate detail. With four years in the making, only the best would do, and each carpet was crafted to suit each room with no joins and in some cases, took 12 men to deliver the rolls.

Our faux silk carpets are a popular choice and can either be made with Super soft Nylon, Viscose or up-cycled sea waste like fishing nets and plastic bottles . They’re also the backdrop to some of the UK’s finest homes thanks to their timeless appeal and ability to exude unmistakable glamour.

Oversized, handmade rugs

Along with an impressive 650 electrical sockets and 20,000 gold leaf sheets, the property also features many one-of-kind rugs throughout. With a passion for classic design and traditional methods, our custom designs include faux silk and 100% wool.

Bespoke staircase runner

There are several reasons to install carpet on stairs, such as increased comfort and reduced noise. Arista Interiors rightly chose a custom-design for the properties marble staircase which over time will protect the stone. Spanning over five floors, this bespoke stair runner was meticulously planned in-house and designed by Steven. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a tremendous result and does the foyer justice, right down to the intricate pattern.

As the programme closed to end, we saw John and his wife preparing for his birthday party. He quips, "I've got this spectacularly perfect house, and if someone spills some red wine on the carpet, I'm going to just look away." We don’t blame you John.

Shop the look

If you managed to catch the show, we hope you enjoyed - it’s undoubtedly an aspirational watch. If you spotted anything in particular you loved, why not drop us a line? We’d love to create your dream home. Whether hand-made, custom stair runners or oversized rugs, at Fluffy Carpets, we’ve got the flooring you need. Shop our collection online, or please get in touch to receive specialist product advice. Thank you for reading

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