Celadus Eco Friendly Faux Silk Carpet

From discarded fishing nets and industrial waste to high quality durable carpets!

At Fluffy Flooring we strive to operate our business in a greener, more sustainable way. 

We all know the environmental impact of our lives and work, and any small changes we can make matter. 

There is the obvious daily recycling, but we are also doing our upmost to use less plastic packaging whenever possible, unplugging electrical devices, going paperless, eliminating single use plastic around the office and showrooms… there are a number of solutions that are easy to implement and can collectively reduce our impact on climate change.

While all the above are important steps in the journey to repair and protect our planet, we still have a long way to go in the way our products are manufactured, transported, installed and disposed of.

The great news is that new scientific breakthroughs have allowed for better, more creative and sustainable ways of manufacturing.

For Fluffy Flooring, the huge game changer is our Celadus Eco Faux Silk carpet collection. It is made of recycled nylon rescued from the ocean, such as fish nets and other industrial plastic marine waste, which is then generated and turned into carpet fibre.

In addition to being eco friendly, extremely hardwearing and contract rated, the Celadus Eco Faux Silk pile is gorgeously smooth and silky. It has an elegant irregular pattern as a result of the conglomeration of subtle glimmering loops and matt cut pile. 

Celadus Ls

We can’t recommend it enough! It’s a fantastic carpet for both classic and contemporary residential interiors, as well as contract projects. But as always, don’t take our word for it - browse the collection and order a sample to see for yourself. 

Or better even, book a free home visit and we will take samples, talk about the collection in person and discuss the most cost effective way of ordering and installing your carpet. 

It may be a small step, but the little changes we make together will help make a difference and provide opportunities for a cleaner environment for us all now, and future generations.

Celadus Graphite Ls

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