Faux Silk Carpets

Faux Silk Carpets are so popular it would seem every shop in the UK is selling it but as with everything you get what you pay for

Faux Silk carpets can be made with Viscose, Super soft Nylons and Polypropylene and at Fluffy we sell every type.

Viscose Carpet

Viscose is the Market leader and gives the look and Sheen of Silk in a Very tight pile. Either Hand Woven or Tufted, Viscose gives the most amazing look to any room, we manufacture our own Viscose Carpets and Custom Rugs at Fluffy and treated right you can get many years of enjoyment 

Super soft Nylons

Super soft Nylons are Very Durable, some are even contract rated and can live up to the toughest tests, Machine made this Faux Silk carpet can stand the test of time and with very good Yarn retention it is great for Stairs, Landings and other areas of heavy wear including Commercial environments


Polypropylene has been around for years but now its made into a very soft yarn to give that 'Faux Silk look', All of our Polypropylene Carpets carry a 10 year wear and stain warranty and they can be laid thought out the home with complete peace of mind but these carpets are subject to more pile crushing than the likes of the Super soft nylons and this should be considered with areas such as Stairs Landings and other high traffic areas

Supply and fitting of Faux Silk carpets

If you are looking for a Faux Silk carpets be sure to give us a call, we can supply and install all of the Faux Silk products above and all of our installations are Guaranteed 

Check out our ranges of Faux Silk Carpets HERE

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