Silk Effect Carpet

There is nothing more indulgent underfoot than a silky carpet. The thick pile feels smooth and luxurious, whilst providing excellent insulation and keeping your home warm in winter.

Despite its opulence in appearance and texture, a silk effect carpet can be a cost effective and elegant solution. Our Cheshire Silk collection is superbly soft and has a subtle silk effect that will create a modern and stylish aesthetic to your home. At £49.00/sqm, it is a reasonably affordable solution.

Another exceptionally soft silk effect carpet is our London Silk collection. With sophisticated greys as well as gorgeous vibrant tones, it is undoubtedly one of the finest silk effect carpets.  Its plump 14mm pile feels luxurious and exuberant.  The London Silk collection costs £79.00/sqm. 

"Explore our Cheshire Silk and London Silk collections and order a sample of both to test the difference is the silk effect carpets for yourself."
Silk Effect Carpet 1

At Fluffy Flooring to strive to offer you the most environmentally friendly options, our bamboo silk Kana Collection is a beautifully plush high pile silk effect carpet, which is handwoven with 100% natural bamboo. 

What makes bamboo silk carpets an excellent sustainable flooring choice is its growth speed; the fibres are extracted from bamboo stalks and they can grow up to 23 metres in 12 months so it doesn’t require replanting or cause soil degradation.

Extraordinarily soft and smooth, bamboo silk effect carpets are hardwearing and feel identical to real silk carpets because they retain the same luxury underfoot.

Silk Effect Carpet 3

If you are looking for a durable carpet that will stand the test of time, a silk effect carpet is consistent in its appearance and texture over time, which is often difficult to achieve with natural fibres.