Silky Carpet Cheshire

When our Knutsford client got in touch looking for a soft and silky carpet for their home, something that felt luxurious but also durable to withstand a busy family life, we immediately suggested our Cheshire Silk collection.

With 3 small children and a very energetic Setter, the Cheshire Silk carpet was the ideal solution as it is durable, stain and wear resistant but also has a super soft pile and added character to their home with its smooth shading.

To match their neutral and stylish interior, our client chose the Cheshire Silk Cornsilk, as its warm and rich tone fit perfectly with the upholstery, staircase and polished plaster on the walls.  To achieve uniformity throughout this part of their home, the same carpet was fitted in all rooms.  

The Cheshire Silk carpet collection is versatile and its multi-tone shading effect creates layers of contrast across the floor and is a harmonious offset to the white furniture and mirrored surfaces in the bedroom.

For the staircase, this carpet is also a brilliant solution as it easily endures the test of time, even amid bustling family life, as stains can be cleaned with most household cleaners without damaging the carpet’s pile density. The Cheshire Silk carpet will retain its soft and luxurious feel for years to come. 

Blog Image 3 Cheshire Silk 420 1200X1000

One of the reasons we love this collection here at Fluffy Flooring, is its positive environmental credentials, as we aim to do our best to source materials and production methods that are ecologically sound. This also means reducing waste all the way through to the carpet fitting stage, which is why we offer a completely free measuring service to ensure our clients are only ordering the necessary amount of carpet and thus keeping it cost effective. 

Another way of ensuring you are getting the perfect colour for your home is getting in touch with us to order samples - there are 24 gorgeous colours in the Cheshire Silk carpet collection to choose from!

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