Viscose Carpet Steel Grey

Part of the Viscose Rugs Collection

From £9,999.00

Our Beautiful Viscose Carpet is hand woven

It has a fantastic Silk like sheen when the light catches it

Viscose is a Natural fibre made from cotton.

Our Viscose come 4m and 5m and in 8 beautiful shades

Viscose is also perfect for use with underfloor heating due to its very low Tog rating of 0.71

Stock Rug Sizes

1.20m x 1.80m        415.20 Inc VAT

1.70m x 2.40m        780.00 Inc VAT

2.00m x 2.50m        957.60 Inc VAT

2.00m x 3.00m        1147.20 Inc VAT

2.50m x 3.50m        1675.20 Inc VAT

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Available sizes 0.00 × 0.00 m

Suitable for Bedroom, Dining Room, Lounge
Fibre Faux Silk Super Soft Viscose/Art Silk
Style Faux Silk Super Soft Cut Pile/Velvet
Colour Black/Grey Natural Stone
Viscose Carpet Steel Grey

Viscose Carpet Steel Grey

From £9,999.00


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